Custom saddles by Stuart Rybak – Find a saddle that you like and send me a picture, seat size, color, tooling, inseam. Tell me the kind of horses you will be riding, or send me a pic of your horse, and tell me a little about the kind of riding you do. Tell me full or rounded skirt and I will have your saddle built.

Lifetime warranty and guaranteed satisfaction, we will take care of you. Our saddles have a special ground seat designed for comfort and for giving a rider more confidence. We use top Herman oak leather and quality trees. These saddles are light weight and ready to go to work for you!

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I just want to say I LOVE my recently purchased Stuart Rybak designed saddle. Wasn’t looking to get another saddle, but was intrigued by his saddle from first time I saw him riding in one. He gave me a chance to try it to make sure it fit Monte also. I loved it the first time I sat in it and I immediately noticed that my legs were placed perfectly where they should be. Very balanced and fits my seat like a glove. Also lighter than my Martin which is also very important. I liked my other one, but I LOVE this one. Very reasonably priced too. Thanks Stuart.